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(This list reflects cash donations from 10/1/16 to 12/22/16)

ANGEL $1000 and up
Mark Kishler and Patty Acha
Allegro Dance Boutique – Season Sponsor
Bank of America
Dance Center Evanston– Season Sponsor
First Bank & Trust Evanston– Show Sponsor
Faye and Josh Jacobs
Midwest Orthopedics at Rush
Steve and Béa Rashid
Romano Brothers – Show Sponsor
Dr. Lisa Schoene – Show Sponsor
Carolyn and Pat Sullivan

BENEFACTOR $500 – $999
Kevin and Carol Biolsi
Ann Bradlow and Glen Carman
Joe and Jenny Higgins
Seth Weinberger and Barb Goodman
Christina Ernst
Paula Steiner and David Hellman
Carolyn and Gilbert Krulee
Scott and Amy Weyman

SPONSOR $250 – $499
Andrew Bezaitis
Dan and Suzanne Kanter
Bill and Debbie Kristofek
Margaret Krulee
Nina and Rich Miller
John Nawn
Leslie Riley

SUPPORTER $100 – $249
Jeannie Affelder (in honor of Zephyr Balch)
Jennifer Michael and Chris Beck
Dr. Stamata Blanas
Karen and Patrick Burchell
The Chernoff Family
Laurie Cohen
Aki Knezevic and Mickey Collins
Jeff Balch and Dori Conn
Jackie and Chris Cotter
Alan Zunamon and Nancy Cunniff
Stephanie Davis and Brad Dunlap
M.E. and Chris Girgenti
Grossinger Honda
Sarah Krulee Harms
Kathy and Chuck Harper
Marilyn and Cameron Hendershot
Richard and Susan Horn
Bill and Jackie Ieuter
Fredericus Janssen
Cheryl and Mark Kaplan
Jeffrey and Julie Kaplan
James and Marlene Kurtz
Kelly Cutler and Vic LeSage
Jessie MacDonald
Bridget McDonough
Anne Leyden and Mike Meyers
Artemis Mitchell
TC Anderson and Peter Mitchell
Cary and Tom Mondschean
Wendy Nicholson
Molly Gallo Numark
Karen and Gary Savin
Jill and Paul Schoenwetter
Billy Siegenfeld
Paula and Craig Sjogerman
Wes Burghardt and Angela Stramaglia
Chris and Ann Tomlins

ASSOCIATE $50 – $99
Bronwyn Rae and Ken Alder
Annie Arnoult
Kristen Bauza
Jeanne Uzdawinis and John Boesche
Leah Chernoff
Cristina and Sunil Chopra
Diane Clark
Joan Ehrenberg
Claire Gao
Karla Harris
Betsy Herskind
Janet and Brian Hoffman
Beth Jacobs
Laura Marmash
Joel and Greta Michael
Sarah Miller
Stuart Novy
Marcia Powers
Betsy Quinn
Timothy Sherck
Dale and Milner Seifert
Barbara and Ed Swanson

Ellen and Gusatavo Caicedo
Alissa and Jin-Ho Chung
Maya Chung
Bernard and Sally Dobroski
Sharon Gilmore
Sue and Jeff Grassle
Jennifer Hoover
Kerry Hubata
Kathy Kann
Todd Clark and Geeta Maker-Clark
Harv Millman
Brigitte and Jose Oberholzer
Diane Remy School of Ballet
Celeste Cifala and Rene Roy
Larry and Elaine Shefsky
Beth and Gary Slutsky
Mary Teschner
Andrew Wilder