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(This list reflects cash donations from 10/01/14 to 5/19/15)

ANGEL $1000
Mark Kishler and Patty Acha
Allegro Dance Boutique – Season Sponsor
AthletiCo – Show Sponosor
Bank of America
Margaret and Louis Biolsi
Campagnola– Season Sponsor
Dance Center Evanston– Season Sponsor
First Bank & Trust Evanston– Season Sponsor
Joe and Jenny Higgins
The Illinois Arts Council
Faye and Josh Jacobs
Carolyn and Gilbert Krulee
Jackie and Peter Langas
Jan Bowers and Will Linder
Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush – Show Sponsor
Sheila and Arthur Nielsen
North Shore University Health System – Show Sponsor
Blair Wellensiek and Karl Peters
Steve and Béa Rashid
Dr. Lisa Schoene – Show Sponsor
Regina Sant’anna and Doug Skites
Charlotte and Daniel Walsh
Wellness Revolution – Season Sponsor
W.W. Grainger
Union Pizzeria– Season Sponsor

BENEFACTOR $500 – $999
Kevin and Carol Biolsi
California Pizza Kitchen
Jon Klein and Susan Cohn
Laura and Stephen Doyle
Loren Klug and Bridget Farrelly
W. Anthony and Carol Feiock
Paul and Rebecca Fields
Seth Weinberger and Barb Goodman
Kathy and Chuck Harper
Nina and Rich Miller
Carol and Pat Navin
Christie and Dan Robinson
Lisa and Pete Seegers
Maureen Richnak and Larry Singer
Judy and Todd Steele
Ann and Jim Zastrow

SPONSOR $250 – $499
Victoria Barlow
Libby Ester and Mike Brody
Karen and Jay Eckensberger
Rich Clark and Kate Glass
Kimberly A. Gray
Marilyn and Cameron Hendershot
Dan and Suzanne Kanter
Margaret Krulee
Nina Donnelly and Russell Lane
The Levin Family
Shyam Telikcherla and Laura Lundin
Jessie MacDonald
Tara and Brian Norris
Ben and Shelley Patterson
Cathy and Nader Sharifi
Mark Vend Company
Fran and John Wiechart
Marianne and Frank Weissert
Nancy Cunniff and Alan Zunamon

SUPPORTER $100 – $249
Jessica Pawlik and Linda Adamowski
Aon Corporation
Nancy and Ken Arlen
The Balasanov Family
Rachel and Francis Baron
Kristen Bauza
Linda Bierig
Dr. Stamata Blanas
Ann Bradlow and Glen Carman
Abby and Michael Carnow
Myron Siciak and Julie Cartier
Julie and Josh Chernoff
Sara Carlson and Edward Crabbe
Kevin Connelley and Toni DiDonato
Kathryn and Chris Ebert
Tracy and Bob Egan
Gina and Todd Ehlman
Christina Ernst
Lynn and Brent Fiedler
M.E. and Chris Girgenti
Dan and Virginia Hansvick
Geoff and Ginny Harlow
The Harper Family
Paula Steiner and David Hellman
Jennifer Moran and Tommy Herman
Gary Crews and Debra Hinze
Garrett and Melissa Hohimer
Amy Teschner and Tony Hurtig
Bill and Jackie Ieuter
John and Lisa Jones
Cheryl and Mark Kaplan
Bill and Debbie Kristofek
Kim and Bob Langill
Lydia Lazar
The Lemmenes Family
Ariel Orlov and Steve Mayer
Susan Melczer
Anne Leyden and Mike Meyers
TC Anderson and Peter Mitchell
Joe Mitchell
Cary and Tom Mondschean
Janice Muhr
Marie Edmonde and Patrick Parisien
Shelley and Ben Patterson
Grace and Andrew Pigozzi
Lisa Lauren and Bill Pollack
Marcia and Alex Powers
Jill and Paul Schoenwetter
Liz Feldman and Jay Shefsky
Billy and Malgorzata Siegenfeld
Corky and Bill Siegfriedt
Paula and Craig Sjogerman
Colleen Sonnefeldt
Patricia and Danijel Stankovic
Wes Burghardt and Angela Stramaglia
Tricia Strong
Jane Zhang and Lizhe Sun
Mike and Elaine Thoren
Nancy and Jim Tierney
Carlos and Reina Villalobos
Shelly and Patrick Villalobos
Chris and Ann Tomlins
Leslie and Steve Warner
Jori and Michael Witt
Brett and Michelle Woodley

ASSOCIATE $50 – $99
Bob Buesse and Cecilia Ackmann
Priscilla Adams
Annie Arnoult
Jan Bartoszek
Sandra and Charles Brown
Cristina and Sunil Chopra
Diane Clark (in honor of Jane Mather-Glass)
Laurie Cohen
Mary and Ethan Cohen
Aki Knezevic and Mickey Collins
Kristen and Frederick Dean
Betsy Herskind
Ann Higgins
Janet and Brian Hoffman
Johnse Holt
Susan and Richard Horn
Nancy Hughes
Jeremy Glass and Jay Kallas
Liz Kidera
Jennifer Lasik
Laura Marmash
Jeff and Sandy Merwin
Mary Beth and Chas Mikrut
Harvey Millman
Artemis Mitchell
Mollie Gallo Numark
Amy and Jim O’Donnell
Betsy Quinn
Lynn and Bill Raspe
Jody Sieck
Barbara and Ed Swanson
Abbey and Paul Turilli
Rachel, Adrian and Alice Walters
Scott and Amy Weyman
Takumi Iseda and Darren Williams

Jeff Balch and Dori Conn
Emily Christensen and Joe Cotton
Judith Marinelli Godfrey
Patti and Harry Hoynes
Beth Jacobs
Nancy Oddi Jaffe
The Fletcher Jones Family
Bob and Meribeth Kisner-Griffin
Wendy Nicholson
Stuart Novy
Diane Remy School of Ballet
Horst and Sara Schastok
Nancy Spence
Amy Spreitzer
Mary and J. Peter Teschner
Carol Triggiano
Wilma Tunick
Andrew Wilder